Saturday, July 3, 2010

The things you find

For years, pretty much since the New World of Darkness rule set was released, I've been itching for the Aeon Trilogy games - Adventure!, Aberrant and Trinity - to be revised using the Storytelling system. White Wolf have unfortunately said 'no' every time they've been asked about it, though. Apparently the D20 conversion was enough to convince them that the game line is not economically viable, no matter how awesome it is.

However, I have recently discovered that some saint on the interweb has concerted Aberrant to the Storytelling system, and called it More Than Human.

I am frankly incredibly excited about it.

It fixes some of the duff rules form the original (like somebody with Mega Strength 5 being able to automatically kill anybody else in the game with one punch. +25 automatic damage, as well as successes, whilst soak, armour, Mega Stamina, force fields and the like all stacked together struggle to provide that level of protection) and collating the revised powers from the players guide together with the main rules.

ow, if only I had the time to play it.