Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Star Wars RPG / Where is it?

It's now been a year since Wizards of the Coasts licence to produce Star Wars RPG materials lapsed, and the support for the frankly exceptional Saga Edition ceased.

I suggest we all spend a moment thinking on that.
Maybe even a minute of silence.

At the time of WotCs announcement, there was much speculation on who would take up the licence, and what would they produce.
As of a Google search ten minutes ago, I have heard nothing.

WTF? This is Star Wars, not some fly-by-night franchise. Are Lucas industries asking for too much cash, or is there really not enough money in the licence?
Sure, whoever gets it will be under pressure to produce a high quality product, and to make money out of it, and the market is tight, but come on.

Star Wars is the original cross over franchise. It enjoys a near unrivalled ability to succeed in multiple media: Film, TV, Computer Game, Toys, Models, Books, Comic Books, Clothing & Accessories, RPGs and novelty items, to name but a few.
To my thinking, RPG products like Star Wars have the ability to interest fans who may not have considered the hobby before.
Star Wars is a gateway game to other systems and genres.
RPG publishers should be falling over themselves to licence it, as whatever system they use for a Star Wars game would allow other games using that system to attract new players.
"Mega-Barbarian 3000. Uses the New Jedi Order system. Order now, only $29.95"
It's sales gold.

So why isn't it happening.
Have I missed something?