Thursday, June 2, 2011

New fantasy wanted / Please assemble naked ladies

Today I said farewell to my Exalted Second Edition Core Rules, as I posted it off to a new home, courtesy of Amazon UK Market Place.
I'll miss it, or, more accurately, I'll continue to miss First Edition, which I ditched when I 'upgraded' to 2nd.
I've already sold my D&D 4th Ed books, because they are slightly less evil than the Necronomicon, and been paid monies for them. Oddly, they are still at my house. Jay - do you actually want them? I have spent the cash.
Finally, I have my Ars Magica 5th Ed for sale, as, once again, it doesn't compare to the previous edition, IMHO.

What this essentially means is that I've ejected all of my Fantasy RPGs, and retained only my Modern, Horror and Sci-fi games.
There is a gap.

I intend to get Pathfinder, but I am slightly dubious - I didn't love D&D 3.5, and I suspect I'm  considering Pathfinder because I hate D&D 4.

So, a question.
Considering that my favoured system is New World of Darkness, and that I dislike rules heavy games like Exalted, yet would prefer something still in print and available through Amazon, what fantasy RPG would you recommend?