Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Incoming / blog posts of the future

Incoming blog posts for 2011

I have set myself a target of posting something to this blog at least once a week, on average. I'd love to commit to more, but would rather exceed modest expectations than under perform to high expectations. 
God loves a trier, but the rest of the world doesn't care. 
Today I received my copy of The Esoterrorists, which i'm quite pleased about. It's alarmingly thin, and I know the rules will be word for word the same as Fear Itself and Trail of Cthulhu, however I can see a great deal of potential for the Gumshoe game system. I'll post a review once I've had a proper read. 
I still plan on presenting my World of Darkness playlist, which will happen once I have an uninterrupted few hours to search for audio files and videos on the internet. 
I'll try not to erroneously link to porn or Rick Rolling. 
I've been working on a post about my favourite characters, but I think it may be a bit too self indulgent. It may get culled. 
Back in the early days of this blog I published the stats and background for a potential antagonist in my then ongoing Hunter game. I have since been thinking about it, and I realise that I was trying to tell too much of his story in one go. If I wanted to have a serial killer who's been killed and then has risen again in vengeance, then   it should be the players who kill him, and the players who are doubly horrified that the spirit of this twisted killer has risen again. 
So I intend to revise and publish a new antagonist, and split his life up into phases.