Sunday, November 27, 2011

Star Wars Resurrection / Do you do miniatures?

On Tuesday I run my first Star Wars Saga Edition game. I've only owned it for four years.
I remember reading it in my newborn sons nursery as I rocked him to sleep.
He's four now.

My new gaming group selected it over Aberrant, which I intend to run at some point in the near future, and generated their characters last week.
They're all starting at Level 1, and it's set during the Clone Wars.
I've got a:
Human Jedi
Zabrac Scoundrel and a
Human Soldier
If fairly happy with this.

It's also my first time playing with two of the players, Adam and Ni (Scoundrel and Jedi), which is good. It'll keep me on my toes.

Adam offered to bring along some of his minis, to which I replied I don't use miniatures, I narrate the action like a World of Darkness game.

This makes perfect sense to me, but I'm aware that this is not how d20 games are written, and people may take feats specifically to gain a tactical advantage in miniature based combat.
This worries me, slightly.

I ran D&D 4e two years ago, without miniatures. When I handed the GM duties over to another player, the first thing he did was bring in a battle grid and minis.

How integral to a d20 game do miniatures have to be?
This is an important question, as WotC dropped Star Wars, and the minis are going out of stock.
And my wife will not be happy if I order in several boxes.