Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Got my geek on / Warhammer Fantasy RPG last night

I've not made it to my Roleplay group that much in the last few months, real life shit and other commitments etc, and as a result I've found it hard to get enthused about it.
I've been happily telling more and more people about my hobby, and getting into discussions and conversations about it, with less and less embarrassment, but doing it less and less.
But I made it to a game last night, and had an absolute blast.
The game was already several sessions in, and I was introduced as "a Halfling who's always been with you, but hasn't done much so far". Yes. I play Halflings. What of it?
I've not much idea as to what's going on, plot wise, but I rarely concern myself with such matters. My characters usually don't, so I don't.

Which leads me to the conclusion that I'm the kind of player that I hate.
I'm mouthy, domineering, attention seeking. I don't really pay attention to the plot. I make constant ooc jokes. I distract other players - last night I pretty much spent the evening fist bumping with the Elf whilst making jokes about him being a 'hobo-sexual' - and bug the GM with inappropriate dialogue.

I usually don't enjoy myself as much when I behave myself...

Anyways: I'm playing Onan, a Halfling Entertainer/Thief. Nobody seems to get the joke yet, they think it's a Conan pun.