Friday, January 25, 2013

Cash up front/how much would you pay?

Here's a question: How much would you pay for an RPG system?
Not just the core rules, but everything you *need* to run it.

I've been discussing the cost of buying certain Fantasy Flight Games, which are coming in at the higher end of the pricing spectrum with cards, custom dice, encounter maps and counters.

I feel it's all a bit too rich for my stomach, and have steered clear (although I have been assured that they're beautiful and play well).

I'm feeling that about £30 (US$47.50) is about my maximum. That's how much I paid for the Pathfinder Core Rules last year and Night's Black Agents this year.

I already have all the dice required to run those two games, so no further investment is required on that front. Maybe £10 if I didn't have any dice and wanted to splash out on a nice set.

Pathfinder, realistically, requires the Bestiary to run a game (unless you're going incredibly low fantasy and interacting with only the core races), so that's another £25. I paid that too.

Night's Black Agents is standalone, requires only a d6 per player, and for my £30 I got the hardback book, PDF, Android app and a PDF of an introductory adventure.

How much would you pay, and what do you expect to get for that?