Sunday, March 21, 2010

Disappointed with game art

I'm not the most visually creative of people. I can't draw, and I don't pretend to know anything about art.
Which is a slight worry for me whenever I entertain the idea of designing my own games, which I do from time to time.
I can make standard computer programs do basic things for me that don't look shit - for example I use Word to design forms for two highstreet banks.
This reassures me that I can design a functional character sheet, they're just fields to be completed, after all.

Last night I had a play with Photoshop, which is something i've not done since summer 2006, and discovered that a great majority of the edgy and stylistic artwork i've seen in gaming supplements of late are simply photoshopped photographs.
I am extremely disappointed.
Yet also elated, as I now have a way in to pretend to be an artist, and produce acceptable standard pictures for any game system I produce. Woot! as they say.
For example, here's something I knocked up in about 20 minutes, which will no doubt not be up to the standards of other more experienced PS users, but I don't care. It's a first attempt.

The idea of both was to convert a photo into something that looks like a line drawing. I'm quite happy with the results.