Sunday, March 28, 2010

Adventures with Photoshop

So, following my previous post regarding how I've realised that a fair old amount of game book art is photoshopped, I've been experimenting further.
It's kinda fun.
I've found myself taking photo's on my phone for the express purpose of running them through some PS filters. That's why I have loads of photo's of kitchen knives.
It is.

Anyways, here's some examples of what I've been doing.

I took this picture on the way back from a mate's house

Ran it through a 'Cut out' filter

Ran it through a 'Sumi-e' filter after 'Solarizing' it

And finally ran it through a 'Graphic Pen' filter.

I think i'm happiest with the Sumi-e filter.
Now I have to learn how to insert objects into a picture.