Monday, April 5, 2010

Beer, Pizza and Dice

White Wolf released a 20 page pdf book as their April Fool. It's called 'Dudes of :Legend: How to be Fucking Awesome'.
It is awesome.
I now want all games I run or play to be like this.

It has rules for fantastic mounts, such as grizzly bears, pterodactyls and unicorns, special rules for going bare chested (+2 armour and +3 persuasion) and a system for gaining XP for killing people, al a D&D. An extract follows:

Murder Systems

You know what happens when you kill a goblin in every fantasy game ever? You get experience points and phat loot. You know what happens when you stab a taxi driver in the World of Darkness? You probably get a derangement and a carload of cops on your ass, and you probably also pissed off that taxi driver’s vampire master (fact: all taxi drivers are blood-drunk ghouls) and now everything sucks. Good job. Jerk.
Some of those things we can’t erase: the cops, the vampire master. But, let’s make murder more fun. I mean, hell, we’re all miscreants and deviants anyway. We play these games to explore expressions of violence and to direct our repressed gamer rage! (Er, that’s why I play these games. Don’t you? What’s wrong with you?)
Time to bridge the gap.
Every time you kill somebody in the World of Darkness, you gain experience.
How much?
Just to give it some glimmer of moral responsibility, let’s base it off of the victim’s Morality (or equivalent score like Humanity, Harmony, Arete, Faustability, Pants Size, or Viscosity). Check the following chart:
Morality Score Experience Gained

8-10 = 1xp
5-7 =  2xp
2-4 = 3xp
0-1 = 4xp

If the character killed is a police officer, then double the experience is gained.