Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Books for sale update / Potential future gaming purchases

So far I have managed to sell on my collection of 4th Ed D&D books. One of the guys from my old gaming group almost bit my hand off, which suggests to me that I under priced them significantly. Oh well, mates rates, I guess.
He's already paid me the money, and the books are still on my shelf. Awesome.

Of the remaining books, I have listed them in my Storefront at Amazon UK, and am awaiting sale. If anybody wants to buy them directly from me, and avoid such niggles as P&P and Amazon getting a percentage of the sale, then drop me a line.

So, what do I plan to do with this potential incoming cash? It looks as though i'm spending some of it on my wife, putting some aside for a friends stag do later this year and, obviously, buying more gaming books.

I have decided that I am definitely buying Pathfinder, and am considering the 4th Edition of Shadowrun.
I'd love to hear any further game book suggestions.