Saturday, February 5, 2011

Scoring your game / Consistent look and feel part II

To continue my earlier post on what 'my' World of Darkness 'looks' like, here's what it 'sounds' like.
Not all of these are songs, artists or bands that i've played in the background on game night, but they've all been in my mind (or playing) whilst i've been writing scenarios or plotting out sessions.
I've been sat on this post for a while, so I'm going to just add bits to it as I think of them.

The Mars Volta / Televators - This video is absolutely wonderful. It sort of reminds me of the original 'Knights of Pendragon' comic book series that Marvel UK ran in the early 90's. It also inspires me to run Werewolf games, or Mage games, or anything that deals with nature spirits invading the mindset of the urban sprawl / fighting back against the encroaches of man.

Superstition / The Kills
Greg Dulli / Early Today (and later that night)
Tom Waits / Small Change, Potter's Field, Alice, Low side of the road, What's he building? Little drop of poison
Death in Vegas / Aisha - I think I ran an entire Vampire: The Masquerade chronicle with this going through my head. Probably most fitting for a Hunter: The Vigil / Slasher or Promethean: The Created game, although it arguably lends itself to a Werewolf: The Foresaken, Changeling: The Lost or Vampire: The Requiem game as well. Or The Esoterrorists, Fear Itself, god, anything really. In fact, this song is just so inspirational to me, I feel like an artificial constructed life form hunting down innocent prey with murder and pity in my eyes every time I listen to it.

Baader Meinhoff / Baader Meinhoff (album)
The Twilight Singers / My Time (has come), Number Nine, Live With Me
Eels / Last Stop: This Town, The Other Shoe, Souljacker

Snow Patrol / Set the fire to the third bar

Spiritualized / Lord can you hear me
The Gutter Twins / The Stations, Idle Hands
Elbow / Grounds for Divorce - To my mind, a great deal of bars in the World of Darkness look like this