Sunday, December 5, 2010

Game Dogma

I've been talking a lot about game design lately, and wanted to share something about game design that I find inspirational.
This is the Game Dogma, or mission statement, that Pelgrane Press / Robin D. Law's Gumshoe system endeavours to follow:

Game Dogma
Over the last few years, there have been many developments in the
roleplaying game design field, and we’ve been watching them with
interest. A year ago we devised a simple new set of rules for new games
we are producing, our game dogma.
Our new games will be:
- Fun to play
- Easy to learn
- Easy to teach
- Easy to play
- Innovative
- Approachable
- Sustainable
A GM should be able to learn each game in half an hour, nuances in a
hour or so. It should be easy to teach the basics of the game to a novice
in fifteen minutes. The design should take account of developments in
gaming over the last ten years and offer something genuinely original.
GMs will want to run the game time and time again, and players will
want to play it.

Pretty sweet.