Sunday, December 12, 2010

Name and Shame / Mind blank

A quick one. When starting this blog, I really struggled with a name for it. Apparently everything needs a name, or we edit it out of our consciousness.
After a few false starts, I settled on "Nook.Geek", reasoning that I could change it later on when I had a better idea.

Months down the line, I thought "Hey, 'Dump Stat' would be a great name for my blog, and totally original too".


So I am now trying to think of a new name, or I'll have to revert to Nook.Geek again.

Any suggestions? Any ideas I can think of right now are just too cheesy, or don't really reflect the content of this blog thus far.
The best one I have is 'Gaming by Idiots', but that sort of implies that there's more than one contributor, or that everybody who reads it is an idiot.
Or 'Dramatic Fail', which references the WoD system, and is nicely self depreciating. Doesn't really give you an idea of what the blog's about though.

What about using one of my game titles? Modern Mythic? Danger Illustrated, maybe?