Sunday, December 26, 2010

Market research / How cool is my wife?

I like roleplay games and video games. My wife knits. It is very rare for our hobbies to collide, but when they do I usually love the results.
So, as stated, my wife knits. She has knitted me a couple of dice bags in the past, a Cthulhu bag and an R2-D2 bag. They rock.
Don't just take my word for it, look:
The Cthulhu design was taken from a chart, and she designed the R2-D2
pattern herself.

I've been trying to tell her that people would want to buy bags like this, and would pay a good price for them.
I pointed out that the official Dungeons and Dragons dice cost £8.99 and the bag is a small bit of polyester with a logo on, and the bags she's producing are at least twice the size, made of quality wool and designed to specification.
(It's worth noting that any designs sold for cash money would have to be generic and definitely not infringe any trademarks, copyrights or intellectual rights. The knitting community are well versed in these things)

So, a question for you - would you buy a bag like this, and how much would you pay? Other comments are welcome and encouraged.
The R2-D2 bag holds my collection of 14 jumbo dice, and the Cthulhu bag holds, god, over 100 assorted dice, both loose and in smaller bags.

For some reason, this photo keeps defaulting to a sideways view. Gah!