Sunday, July 3, 2011

Reality rebooted / Mage campaign idea

Age of Ravens

I read this excellent article by Age of Ravens, which talks about the incoming DC Universe reboot and comic book reboots in general, and asks how this could be achieved in an RPG.

The players may be aware that the settings continuity has just been reset, they may not. The same applies to the characters.

So, how could you run a game like this?

My first thoughts were that wouldn't it be cool to have the characters fight to prevent the world ending, fail, and then discover that the whole of reality has been reset, and is carrying on regardless, just with some major changes.

Then I thought 'you could do that with Mage'.

Yup. You could. Easily.

Thinking about it, I think it could be run as a bridging campaign between Mage: the Ascension and Awakening.

The New World of Darkness is a paradigmatic shift away from the Old World of Darkness. Similar, but not the same. Familiar, yet alien.

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