Monday, April 25, 2011

Aeon Trilogy / Hiding stuff from my wife

I am a criminal. I went up in the loft this afternoon, on legitimate house storage business, and took the opportunity to re-introduce my Aeon Trilogy books to our shelves.
Adventure! was already there, so why not usher them all out into the open...

I love these games. They're Pulp, Cyberpunk and Superhuman games that run together into a two century long epic plot of human potential.
System wise, they birth both Exalted / Scion and New World of Darkness.
Presentation wise, they revitalized WWs book format, with in-genre setting material for the first half, and system & storytelling at the back. This made the first half readable as a standalone book. Rawrsome!

The three main books received critical acclaim when published, but didn't do well enough on the sales front to warrant continued support. Trinity, as the first game, received about a dozen supplements / story modules, and Aberrant got about six-ish. Adventure! stood alone, but was such a work of transcendental genius that it didn't need anything.

Let me be clear on that last point.
Adventure! is possibly THE best game of all time. Ever. Hands down.

Anyways, I was looking round the new WW website last week, and couldn't find anything to do with these games. Have they stopped supporting them? It would be a tragedy if they have.