Saturday, April 9, 2011

One man grass roots campaign / getting geek books on Kindle

I've recently posted my thoughts on the Amazon Kindle and e-book publishing within the RPG world.
Then I got my wife a Kindle for Mothers Day. More correctly, our children did, but they're both under four, so there you go.
Anyways, I was mightily impressed with what a Kindle can do.
Yeah, It's not much good for anything other than reading, but the fact that it allows you to read pretty much anything is awesome.
PDFs, Word Docs, Open Office docs, html, web pages, other fruit formats, plus mp3s and audio books. Fantastic!

Which brought me back to my original train of thought: why can't you get geek books on the Kindle?
A friend at work writes novels, and his first book on the Kindle. He states that It's piss easy. If he can do it as a part time author, then a full time publishing house should have no issues.
Therefore I have started a one man campaign, and I am wondering if you will join me.
When you view a book on the main Amazon site, there's a link that says "tell the publisher that you would like to see this book on Kindle" or some such.
I have been going through the gaming books I own and / or want and clicking this link.
I believe more people should do so.