Friday, April 29, 2011

Fantasy Weddings / If this were D&D, a dragon would have eaten somebody by now

Right now the royal wedding is on in the background, and I found myself looking at Westminster Abbey and all the gathered dignitaries, the tradition and the military dress uniforms, and thought:

"Wow! That's pretty awesome. All we need now is for a dual with magic swords, a gatecrashing dragon and a minor comedic scuffle between Dwarf and Elf nations, and this would rock."

Unfortunately, this is unlikely to happen. 
Once I had shaken off this crushing disappointment, I decided to blog about it. I'd draw a parallel between real world royal weddings and fantasy RPG weddings. I'd point out that the world would be scandalised that the Drow ambassador had been invited, yet the Half-Elves had not, as they are not recognised as a separate race, stuff like that. The dress would be woven out of gossamer thread from the Feywild, and the groom would arrive on a griffin wielding the blazing sword of office.

My next thought was, I'm gonna need some pictures to illustrate this. 

But, to my surprise, there are no actual D&D wedding pictures that Google can find me. In fact, there are no Forgotten Realms ones either. I even tried LRP and LARP weddings, as they love a good wedding, and nothing. 
The Google image search of Dungeons and Dragons Wedding did throw up a picture of a lovely young girl whose modesty was protected only by a Sega Dreamcast console and two controllers. 
I kid you not. 
I swear i wasn't looking for it. 

Final Fantasy didn't let me down.
I am disappointed that neither of them are a cat, though
So, a couple of genuine questions for all you gamers out there: 
Has a wedding ever featured in one of your games? 
Who got married - Player character(s) or NPCs?
Would you actually be engaged by an in-game wedding?